Dr. Stephen Krashen's

Five Hypotheses About Second Language Acquisition

  1. The Acquisition-Learning Distinction

  2. The Natural Order Hypothesis

  3. The Monitor Hypothesis

  4. The Input Hypothesis

The Affective Filter Hypothesis

These excerpts were taken from the Internet edition of Dr. Krashen's 1982 book, Principles and Practice in Second Language Acquisition, published by Pergamon Press. This edition, published online in 2009, is free of charge and allows copying “without charge for all reasonable, non-commercial educational purposes.” You can get it here.

4. Please download and study the hypothesis that matches your Group Number, 1 to 5.

5. Follow-up task: As you read your assigned hypothesis, note your thoughts and reactions. Were you surprised by anything? If so, what and why? Have you had any experience, which tells you that this could be true or that it is not true? If this is true, what are some possible implications for language teaching?

6. Please write and post your answers to these questions in Your Group's Discussion below.

In our next class, each group will discuss their hypothesis and make a presentation to the class.

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